Health Benefits of Homemade Yogurt

With the improvement of living standards, people have more pursuit of healthy life, such as people will gradually accept yogurt as a normal drink, no longer choose carbonated drinks. Most of the freezers in supermarkets are occupied by yogurt, and nutritious yogurt is deeply loved by people of all ages, not only because of its sweet and sour taste but also because it can help digestion and conditioning. Gastrointestinal, female friends drink is also conducive to beauty. Let us today understand the benefits of drinking yogurt.

Why We Should Eat Yogurt

Many people drink yogurt, and parents often make yogurt at home with yogurt maker machine and store yogurt in the refrigerator at home, so that their children can drink a little every day. What is the magical effect of this yogurt? And readout the written below benefits of homemade yogurt.

1.To Prevent Osteoporosis

Dairy products provide very high vitamin D and can combine calcium and vitamin D, which is good for bones. Many dairy products, including yogurt, are supplemented with vitamin D, so drinking yogurt can help prevent osteoporosis.

2.Lowering Blood Pressure

Dr. Alvaro Alenso, an epidemiology researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health, said that the study found that the incidence of hypertension in those who drink 2-3 or more yogurts per day The risk is 50% lower than those who do not drink. Common sense: Calcium deficiency can also cause high blood pressure.

3.Improve The Immune System

Yogurt containing a large number of active bacteria can help improve lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhea, enteritis, Helicobacter pylori infection and other diseases. Some experts believe that: yogurt can not only improve the intestinal environment but also improve the body’s immune system. Coincidentally, a recent study in Taiwan also found that yogurt can increase the effectiveness of certain anti-inflammatory drugs.

4.Prevention Of Gynecological Infections

For women with diabetes, vaginal yeast infections are a common problem. A smaller study found that chronic diabetic yeast infections in women with diabetes can be reduced to vaginal pH values from 6.0 to 4.0 (normal values of 4.0 to 4.5) as long as 200 ml of sweet yogurt is consumed daily, and yeast infections Also reduced.

5.Control of Appetite

The University of Washington conducted a study that allowed subjects to choose from one of the following types of foods, each with 200 calories (a semi-solid yoghurt plus a peach, yogurt, peach-flavored milk, and peach The results showed that people who drank yoghurt had less hunger than other people, and their sense of fullness increased. Therefore, regular drinking yogurt can control appetite and have a certain effect on weight loss. …

Benefits of Homemade Yogurt For Babies

With the increase in people’s awareness of health awareness, yogurt has become one of the nutritional products for health, beauty, and regulation of gastrointestinal function. Yogurt is not only loved by adults, its sweet and sour taste so that the baby also has a soft spot for yogurt. So what’s the benefit of baby eating yogurt?

1.Guide Baby’s Transition From Liquid Food To Solid Food

The period of weaning is a special period when the baby changes from liquid food to solid food. Homemade yogurt is a semi-solid food. Drinking yogurt has stronger satiety than milk.

2. To Promote Digestion

Infants and young children grow fast, need more nutrition, but the stomach capacity is small, so you should choose nutrients and high energy density foods, yogurt meet this condition, it contains more than 20 kinds of nutrients, and breast milk are very similar, easy to digest, especially suitable for Immature infants and young children with digestive system.

3. Promote Physical Development

Homemade yogurt contains galactose. Galactose is a component of cerebrosides in the brain and nervous system. It is closely related to the rapid growth of the brain after birth.

4. Reduce The Incidence Of Acute Diarrhea

Yogurt contains enough lactic acid bacteria, and the acidity is suitable. Homemade yogurt can effectively inhibit the production of harmful bacteria and improve immunity. It can prevent diarrhea or shorten the duration of chronic diarrhea.

5. Reduce Constipation

Lactic acid and other metabolites in yogurt have a certain stimulatory effect on the intestinal mucosa, which can promote the motility of the digestive tract.

6. Promote The Absorption Of Calcium

The lactic acid produced after fermentation can effectively improve the utilization of calcium and phosphorus in the human body, so calcium and phosphorus in yogurt are more easily absorbed by the body. A glass of 150g yogurt can satisfy one-third of the daily calcium required by children under 10 years of age.

The Benefits Of Yogurt For Pregnant Women

Yogurt is not milk, and it needs to be stored in a place where the temperature is low. When it is brought back, it is frozen, so some pregnant women do not dare to drink yogurt. In fact, pregnant women can drink yogurt, and drinking yogurt has a lot of benefits for pregnant women.

1.Enhance The Absorption Rate Of Nutrition

Yogurt is a kind of nutritious and healthy food. It not only preserves all the nutritional elements of fresh milk, but the lactic acid can also promote the protein to form a curd, promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients by pregnant women, and increase the absorption rate.

2.To Help Pregnant Mothers To Add Calcium

Milk is the best source of calcium supplements for the human body. Yogurt also contains calcium in milk. And the fermentation of yogurt makes calcium in milk a calcium ion, which can promote the body’s absorption of calcium. And calcium in yogurt will be more easily absorbed and utilization will be greatly improved.

3.Mediate Intestinal Microbial Balance

The lactic acid bacteria unique to yogurt can have a large number of pathogenic coliforms in the gastrointestinal tract of the human body, fundamentally reducing the risk of intestinal infections and reducing the chance of getting sick.

4. Prevent Gynecological Diseases

Many pregnant mothers have relatively weak resistance and can easily cause some gynecological diseases. Yogurt has a good bactericidal capacity and can eliminate many intestinal bacteria, such as E. coli, so yogurt has been used to treat vaginitis. Therefore, proper consumption of some yogurt for pregnant mothers can help prevent gynecological diseases.

5.Yogurt Better Digestion And Absorption

Yogurt is better digested than ordinary milk, and it is also easier to be absorbed by the body. This is because the lactic acid bacteria it contains are special and can help digestion and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, yogurt can sometimes prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

The Benefits Of Men Drinking Yogurt

Female friends and babies have a special liking for yogurt because yogurt is not only good for drinking but also has great help for their physical health. Can men drink yogurt? Men can drink yogurt, and yogurt is also very good for them.

1.Protect The Liver

Human intestinal bacteria produce and release toxins into the blood, for the liver, the kidney will have very serious damage. Lactic acid bacteria can inhibit the production of toxins in the body, thereby reducing the production of endotoxins in the intestine, reducing the content of endotoxins and urinary toxins in the intestine, and improving the symptoms of patients with liver diseases.

2.Lower Cholesterol And Blood Lipids

Lactic acid bacteria can affect the metabolism of cholesterol and convert it into steroids that are not absorbed by the human body and reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, thus effectively suppressing diseases caused by high cholesterol.

3.To Promote Absorption

lactic acid bacteria can be synthesized B group and other vitamins and can promote the absorption of vitamin D, iron, and calcium ions, thereby promoting the body’s metabolism. Acid bacteria contain galactosidase and protein phosphatase, can enhance the body’s absorption of sugar and protein.

4.Lower Serum Cholesterol

Studies have shown that yogurt contains a milk factor that has the effect of lowering serum cholesterol in the body. The calcium lactate in yogurt is easily absorbed by the body. For men who have been facing the computer for a long time and are enveloped in electromagnetic radiation all the time, taking a cup of yogurt during lunchtime is very good for health.

5.To Alleviate Fatigue

At the same time, tyrosine in yogurt to relieve men’s psychological pressure is too high, high tension and anxiety caused by human fatigue is also very helpful.

Men also have a lot of benefits in drinking yogurt, So yogurt can be more than just women’s favorite. Both men and women remember to drink a glass of yogurt every day.

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