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Dualit is a British company that became known in the 90s with the invention of bread grates. Since the 90s, Dualit has repeatedly sold very good quality appliances with a modern design and focusing on the essential functions of the product. This is again the case with this milk frother, judge for yourself: Pour the milk in the former, turn it on and wait two minutes to get the long-awaited light foam and creamy.

No useless frills, this is perfect frother machine to prepare your own Lattè and other Capuccinos coffees without leaving your home. In addition to the efficiency advantage, it will allow you to save on a regular basis whether it is for the purchase of a rather expensive full coffee machine but also for the regular purchase of Cappuccinos coffee. to the nearest Starbucks.

Here are all the benefits it presents but does not forget that before all this Dualit Frother will allow you to heat your milk and transform it into the creamy foam, all without effort and in a few minutes. You will be able to enjoy yourself after a long day of work enjoying your favorite coffee at home.

Dualit Foam Machine: Characteristics

First remark when using this Dualit foamer for the first time: it is wireless. This is very convenient, for example when you receive friends at home and you want to be able to put it on the table so that everyone can use the desired amount. The Dualit foam machine has even been designed to keep the milk in foam even when the machine is not plugged in, which keeps the foam ready for longer. During my tests, the milk froth does not stay perfect beyond an hour. But it is still very good after about ten minutes, no problem cooling the milk or reducing the creaminess of the foam. I advise you not to exceed the quarter of an hour.

The Dualit Milk Frother is composed of a drummer – or whip – removable that uses a magnetic field to stay in position but also to turn the bottom of the whip in contact with the milk. This ingenious system considerably lengthens the life of the device: It is not composed of a heating resistor like cheap foam machines.

But this system also makes it easy to remove the whip to clean it. The cleaning takes only a few minutes and is very easy to perform: since the inside of the milk frother has non-adherent and easy-to-clean walls, cleaning everything is a breeze! This is for me the easiest to clean among all the milk frothers I’ve tried.

Great Ease Of Use For This Dualit

The Dualit Frother can be used to prepare different drinks. If you pour the chocolate powder into the milk before starting, you will create the creamiest hot chocolate. Again, nothing complicated, you just press the button and wait for cooking. There is also another set for which the milk is not heated. It is then only transformed into milk foam, which will allow you to prepare milkshakes of excellent quality. No complaints, the Dualit engineers really thought of everything!
Another important feature is that the Dualit foam machine stops automatically.once the preparation is finished. You will not need to monitor the milk or pay any attention to it. You will no longer need to “watch the milk on fire”!

The coating on the bottom of the milk frother is formed by a specifically designed adhesive rubber, which allows it to be placed on a table once the milk is ready without fear that it slips or falls. As I said above, the milk frother has no thread, which is also very practical.

Dualit Milk Frother Review

No more chatting and get down to business. We tested for you the Dualit Milk Frother in action. The first thing that is obvious is the appearance: the device is small, compact but very pretty thanks to its modern design. The finishes are clean and are not left to chance: everything is provided for the maximum comfort of the user. The button to light is easy to press and clearly visible, the anti-slip rubber coating on the underside of the foam very significant.

In terms of performance, here too we were impressed. The use could not be made simpler: We pour milk inside the machine until the limit line easily visible (also very practical ) to prevent it overflows and we press the button to launch the phase of foam. As I told you before, once the process started, you do not need to monitor it … Although I must admit that we still observed it during the first uses!

We enjoyed the very discreet noise produced by the milk frother, nothing to do compared to conventional coffee machines for example. Two minutes later, the foam machine stops by itself and you can remove the transparent cover to serve you.
We tested several types of milk: cow’s milk and soy milk, fresh milk or less fresh and we had no problem, the foam produced is always perfect. All frothers do not pass this test successfully and some have trouble with milk that is not fresh or less fat than cow’s milk.

Cleansing is, as I said before, as easy in practice as in theory. The magnetic beater or whisk is very easy to take out and clean and the inside of the unit is as easy to clean as a pan, although it should not be immersed in water; A little soap and a sponge are enough to clean the foam machine very easily.

If you want to see this Dualit Milk Frother in action, I encourage you to watch the promotional video made by the manufacturer who presents the device in detail. Are presented successively, the magnetic mechanism of which I spoke to you above, the features and the different types of drinks that you can prepare. You will also see the preparation phase of the foam and how the magnetic mechanism works once in action.

Our Opinion & Conclusion

No wonder our Dualit milk frother is among the best on the market. Its finish is perfect. All details have been designed for maximum user comfort, before, during and after use. Regarding the price, the Dualit frother is not expensive if you take into account the quality of the product; the price/quality ratio is among the best in the market. The Dualit Foam Machine may well become your kitchen’s favorite after elegantly serving dozens of Cappuccinos, Latté coffee, hot chocolates, milkshakes and other creamy and light creamy beverages. It could also be an ideal gift for a birthday or Christmas

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