Best Milk Frother Reviews-Top Picks 2018

What Is A Milk Frother?

A Milk Frother is a very simple device that comes most of the time to complete a coffee machine. This is indeed an electrical equipment that can fulfill two functions very different from each other. At first, you will be able to heat milk evenly while retaining all the flavors of the latter, which no other equipment is able to offer today. Your milk will also be heated to an ideal temperature which will prevent it from burning, unlike cooking in a saucepan or microwave, for example. So, whether you need to heat milk for your coffee, to feed your child or for any other reason, in any case, you will be sure to enjoy a flawless result in any situation and without having the least effort to provide.

But the most interesting function of a milk frother is, of course, its ability to transform milk into foam, and again, with ease. The only steps you will have to do will be to pour your milk into the device, choose the right program and wait until your preparation is ready. To create milk froth, your device will use a whip, most of the time circular, which will have the mission of associating oxygen with milk molecules in order to make the liquid much thicker and unctuous. Of course, depending on your equipment, you can choose the thickness or consistency of your foam, as proposed by the Vava electric milk frother. Thanks to this form, you will be able to enjoy more original and unctuous hot drinks, which will please everyone around you and of course yourself.

Best Selling Milk Frother Reviews | Comparision Chart 2018


Top 5 Milk Frother Brands Available On The Market

1.Vava Electric Milk Frother

If you are looking for the best quality milk frother, then this model will please you. Indeed, the Vava Electric Milk Frother offers you exceptional technical performance while remaining very affordable financially. To develop it, the brand has only used high-quality materials so you can use it intensively for many, many years without ever showing any weakness.Get The best Electric Milk Frother

But what is also very interesting with this Vava electric milk frother is the fact that it is extremely easy to use since its control panel has only two buttons. The first will allow you to create foam while the second will heat the milk while maintaining its properties. Finally, it comes with several different whips in order that you can always get a foam whose consistency will be identical in all respects to all of your requirements.



2. Dualit Milk Frother

The Dualit milk frother is a very high-quality product and is surprisingly reasonably priced. It is made of stainless steel (it also exists in black color) as you can see in the image opposite; its design gives it a high-end look. It will fit easily into your kitchen with its modern and distinguished look. If you have used a Dualit product in the past, you know how well they are designed and reliable. And this milk frother is no exception to the rule. It is very easy to use and does not require any prior experience. dualit milk frother

Just see him know to use it: just press a button to turn it on and make great drinks as if you had the same material as Starbucks around the corner. On the other hand, it is very fast and thanks to this frother you will create a creamy foam in a few minutes. For example, with its dual power motor, it can heat and froth 200 milliliters of milk in less than two minutes. It’s an ideal time/quantity ratio and when you have guests, you can impress them by effortlessly preparing a few cappuccinos. But you can also use it in summer, where it will allow you to create milkshakes light and refreshing. And the icing on the cake, all this by not doing much: just choose your drink, and the speed of rotation will be chosen for you, which will offer you this much-desired drink. The cleaning is also very simple due to its non-adherent coating and its detachable whip. As long as you follow the instructions, you will have no problem cleaning. It is, however, important to clean the milk frother right after use and rinse the whip thoroughly. In a few minutes, it’s done and without any worries. We have had this dualit milk frother for over two years and we highly recommend it for its value for money,  here is the link to Amazon if you want to buy it and enjoy the guarantee offered.



3. Bodum Milk Frother

The Bodum Milk Frother makes a great entrance in this top 3 of the best cheap milk frothers. He has everything of a great, but see his assets point by point. First, it allows obtaining the foam of excellent quality, creamy and delicious. Thanks to the different ways of preparing the milk froth, you will be able to experiment and personalize the result. Indeed, it is possible to heat the milk before or after the foam phase for a lighter texture, to stop the foam phase before the end for a thicker texture.bodum milk frother

This Bodum Milk Frother offers a sleek, modern design in line with Scandinavian brands. The Bodum is a very strong product, tested and approved by several consumers for more than 5 years. Borosilicate glass technology offers a glass that resists all temperatures without faltering. In the microwave as in the dishwasher. It also makes it very easy to maintain. Finally, his last advantage is that he is portable. Easy to take on vacation or hiking. What sets it apart from Severin 9688 or the best milk frothers is that it does not heat the milk. It will, therefore, use a microwave in addition for example. Thanks to all these advantages, it’s no wonder he’s our number one. Feel free to read our test to find out more.



4.Ozeri Milk Frother-Best Manual Milk Foamer

In addition to its mini price that I already like a lot, the little milk frother Ozeri manual is really very practical. I like it a lot because it does not take much space, and is very versatile. It is necessary to preheat the milk if one wishes a hot foam, but one can also foam a cold milk. Simply place milk in a cup, then plunge the whip and in less than 10 seconds you get an absolutely perfect mousse.Ozeri Milk Frother

There are two speeds to vary the texture and obtain a more or less thick foam. Best of all, this frother comes with 2 additional accessories. There is a mixer that can be used for cocktails, but especially a whip to beat the eggs, prepare sauces or why not make a mayonnaise.

The grip is immediate, and its shape allows a very good grip. Ozeri milk frother is a multitasking device that easily finds its place in the kitchen, thanks to a support provided for this purpose. It works battery and therefore wireless, and always remains at hand. This is the cheapest milk frother I’ve tested, but it’s the device that seduces me the most.



5. Severin Milk  Frother

The Severin Milk Frother deserves its place as best of its class because it is extremely complete and is particularly effective. Thanks to it, you will be able to produce in a few seconds only a large quantity of milk froth while always having the certainty to benefit from an irreproachable result in all points of view. There is no doubt that by developing, the brand has demonstrated all its know-how, and the risk that you regret your purchase are nonexistent.severin milk frother

With a power of 500 watts, the Severin Milk frother will be able to create up to 350 milliliters of milk froth in less than three minutes. Regarding its total capacity, it is 700 milliliters in case you just want to heat your milk. But what we loved with this equipment is the fact that it offers many different programs that will allow you to get a foam perfectly identical to your requirements. Finally, with a surprisingly low price, it must be recognized, this model has a quality/price ratio that is likely to leave you speechless.



Guide to Buying the Best Milk Frothers 2018

One of the household appliances that are currently very popular with consumers is the milk frother. Thanks to him, it is indeed possible to bring a whole new dimension to each one of its tastings of hot drinks and this without needing to have passed a diploma of barista beforehand. Indeed, these devices are mostly extremely simple to use and extremely effective. So, even if you have never had the opportunity to use it before or even if you are not at all comfortable with kitchen appliances, it is certain that you will get the best benefits from it. only a few seconds. In this article, so that you find the milk frother which will bring you the greatest satisfaction without your researchers requiring several hours of your time, we will tell you everything about these types of equipment which could become quickly essential to your eyes.Milk Foam

In order for these small appliances to no longer have the least secret for you, and so you know exactly which one is best for you, we wanted to talk about it in detail. To do this, we will first explain exactly what a milk frother. Then we will introduce you to the best milk frother of 2018 which is the Severin milk frother and we also wanted to talk about three models very different from each other that deserve your attention as they are efficient. Thereafter, we will list all the advantages and disadvantages of a milk frother then we will list the criteria to take into account to choose yours. Finally, after reading this article, you will have access to a comparative table of all the devices we have had the opportunity to analyze in which we have highlighted the main features so that your research is the shortest and effective.

Factors When Choosing The Best Milk Frother


  • Electric models are appreciated for their autonomy and comfort of use. However, the price is quite high compared to manual frother.
  • On the one hand, manual models require a little effort because they work by hand. However, they also have many assets such as lightness, ease of storage and especially their affordability.


To buy a milk frother that can meet the needs of your family members, it is important to consider the ability. Expressed very often in a milliliter, it is the volume of milk that you can transform into foam thanks to your device. Since this unit can also be used to heat your milk, find out how much milk the model can hold in heating mode. On average, the capacity of milk frother on the market varies from 100 to 200ml for foam and 200 to 700ml for heating

Ease of Use:

It is essential to choose an easy-to-use device to save time. In general, most milk frothers are ergonomic. That said, to be sure of your choice, find out how to use the devices you want and their control panel. By opting for a good device, you can get a beautiful milk froth in seconds, a benefit not to neglect!

Easy Cleaning:

Like all kitchen appliances, the milk frother requires cleaning after each use. To avoid wasting time doing this task, be sure to choose an easy-to-maintain device. Models with dishwasher compatible whisks and lids are preferred.


It is essential to look at the features offered by a milk frother before making a final decision. Be aware that the more features, the more effective the device. A good milk frother offers adjustable temperature so you can adjust it to your needs and expectations. It should also allow you to make hot foam and cold foam for all your favorite drinks. Finally, the automatic shut-off function is interesting so that the device stops automatically when the foam is ready. With this feature, you will not have to monitor your foam.


The accessories supplied with the milk frother are also important as they increase the possibilities of the appliance. If the basic models are delivered with a single whip, some models of the last generation are delivered with several whips to allow you to realize different types of foams according to your expectations.


Milk frothers are one of the least expensive kitchen equipment on the market. Indeed, you can acquire this type of device from $10 only for manual models. As for more efficient and versatile models, count between 20 to 100 $.

The Benefits Of A Milk Frother

Of course, if you make the choice to choose a milk Frother, its benefits you will enjoy will be many. So that you know exactly what to expect, we wanted to list them below.

milk frother-smart kitchen reviews

  • Easy to use: Whichever model of milk frother you choose, you will always be guaranteed a device that is extremely easy to use. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, you just have to pour your milk into the tank, press the button corresponding to the desired program and wait a few seconds for your preparation to be ready.
  • Reliability: These Appliances are also appreciated because they are autonomous and they always guarantee an irreproachable result. No technical mastery is required since your device will take care of everything and will always provide the same preparation.
  • Speed: As you can see from this article, a milk frother only needs a few seconds to help you. Thus, even in case of sudden greed, you can enjoy without having to wait for long minutes.
  • Purchase price: The last notable advantage of a milk frother obviously concerns its price. On average, its price is between 20 and 50 dollars, which makes it one of the cheapest small appliances.

Conclusion: Should I buy a milk frother?

Buying the best milk frother can change your life and change the look and feel of your homemade coffee/ latte/cappuccino / hot chocolate. This does not only give your coffee a “Starbucks” effect, but it will also give you the creamy taste coffees pay for. The interesting thing is that these cafes and breweries use to prepare their coffee machines similar to those we offer here. What people do not know is that you can do exactly the same thing at home for a fifth (probably less) price. All you need is to have the right device and unfortunately, with so much misinformation about milk frothers, it may seem difficult.hat is why we wanted to present you the best alternatives that exist, and we hope to have helped our readers to find the frother that will meet their needs, without breaking the bank.

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