Best Soda Stream Fizzi Machine Reviews

SodaStream is one of the most established brands in the democratization of soda for the general public and offers many powerful and easy to use machines. Here are all the details of the Fizz model.

Simplicity And Modernity

While some soda machines are at the forefront of fashion, becoming more trendy design accessories than everyday objects, the Fizz prefers to play the card of sobriety and color.

Simple but practical, the Sodastream Fizz is available in several colors: ivory, white, black, blue, red and green. No extravagance or pat in the eye, the gasifier water is simply beautiful while being practical and colorful.

Fast Operation

With Fizz control, an LCD panel at the top of the soda machine, you electronically control the gas concentration in your preparation. This bright screen also controls the level of CO2 remaining in the cylinder.Sodastream Fizzi

The procedure is similar to the others and requires a reusable bottle of one liter, provided when buying the soda machine. Fill your PET bottle up to the maximum marked mark, insert it into the soda machine making sure the nozzle is immersed in the water. Then lower the joystick 3 to 4 times and select, thanks to Fizz control, the desired amount of bubbles. If you hear a light drone, it means that the CO2 concentration is at its maximum. When the gasification is finished, tilt the bottle towards you then unscrew its neck to release it and perform the degassing at the same time.

In the case of a soda, add to your sparkling water the desired flavor thanks to the measuring cap of your concentrate then gently shake the bottle. Sodastream also offers syrup concentrates with multiple and exotic flavors: lemon, cola, pink grapefruit, mint, peach tea, cider, mojito … Each bottle of 500 milliliters will allow you to transform up to 12 bottles of sparkling water in soda if you put a whole cork of concentrate.

Strong Points

There are many advantages to Sodastream’s fizz machine Fizz, delivered with its bottle and a user manual quite understandable.

Its simple, sleek yet compact design is designed to withstand children’s hands, thanks to non-slip pads that allow it to be used with both hands. The maintenance is also facilitated by this design in delicate curves: a sponge is enough to clean your machine.

The playful light control panel (LCD) makes it possible to manage the sparkle of the mixture while quickly controlling the carbon dioxide level of the cylinder, an easy and practical control that befits both parents and children.

Finally, when you have reached the maximum level of gasification, a buzzer sounds to indicate it, avoiding overpressure. Also, note that depressurization is performed automatically when you remove the bottle from its base.

The Fizz water gasifier is ecological and economical like all Sodastream machines. Operating without battery or electricity, you do not waste plastic bottles with the 1L Reusable Bisphenol A PET Bottle supplied with the machine. On the other hand, the carbon dioxide cylinder is rechargeable in any compatible point of sale.

In the case of syrup, Sodastream concentrates are sugar-free, calorie-free, aspartame-free, artificial-flavored and artificial-free; these syrups use stevia to give a natural and healthy sweetness. Moreover, the reusable bottle does not retain any taste or smell after the realization of a soda, you can chain other syrups or sparkling water without taste or fragrant residue.

Weak Points

Note in the list of some weak points of the machine the dry and piercing sound emitted during the injection of gas into the water bottle. Some buyers are struggling to make it and continue to be surprised at each use.

On the other hand, the price of the Fizz machine remains slightly higher compared to other consumer machines.

Some consumers indicate a certain inaccuracy of Fizz control. The level of gasification required does not always correspond to the actual level obtained.Similarly, the level of carbon dioxide remaining in the cylinder would, in some cases, be considered with caution.

The many strengths of the Fizz will suffice to erase the few design flaws.

Detailed Features

SodaStream’ss Fizz soda machine is 46.4 cm long and 29.6 cm wide with a height of 19 cm; its weight is relatively light, 1.5 kilos.

The purchase of your water gasifier includes the soda machine of course and a PET bottle without bisphenol A of a liter, a cylinder of CO2 food guaranteeing up to 60 liters of carbonated drink and a user manual .

The manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years.

Mark Sodastream
Dimensions 46.4 x 29.6 x 19 cm
Weight 1.5 Kg
contents PET Bottle Machine 1L
CO2 Food Cylinder
User Manual
Guarantee 2 years
Material Plastic


The SodaStream Fizz is the best choice for those looking for the simplicity of a high-performance machine. Note that the Fizz is particularly recommended if you have children, all the manipulations are within their reach and will be done safely.

If SodaStream has been able to impose its devices to gasify water around the world, it is not without reason and the Fizz continues to combine the pleasure of sparkling with ease of use.


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