Best Soda Stream Machine Guide 2018

At any time, when you want a sparkling soda or just sparkling water, the innovative soda machine allows you to prepare these refreshing drinks yourself. To get the best model, make sure your new soda machine fits your frequency of use, provides the gasification levels you need and is easy to handle. For more explanations, we invite you to browse our shopping guide. Among the models presented in our comparison, the Sodastream Source is distinguished by its ease of use, since its bottle is easily attached to the camera by clipping. It offers 3 levels of gasification to prepare your soft drinks according to your tastes. Otherwise, the Sodastream Coolis an excellent alternative to this model. It allows you to make personalized sodas more delicious than those sold in stores. It is supplied with a gasification bottle made of PET, BPA-free and without risk to health.

Top Selling Soda maker Machine Comparison Chart 2018


Best SodaStream machine

After a rather shy start, the soda machines are becoming popular. As a result, there is a slew of models that make the choice much more difficult. If you need soda machine reviews, here is the list of the best of the moment.

#1 Sodastream Fizz Gasifier Machine

This machine is indisputably different from the Jet Titan and Jet60 models. It stands out immediately by its design and does not look like any of the first two soda machines. As for the price, it is halfway between those two soda machines, 100 euros. Another aspect that can not fail to seduce, the autonomy of this machine soda. We can take it with you or go. It works without electricity or battery. Moreover, it is very easy to control it. Even the smallest can do it without a hitch. SodaStream Fizz has three levels of gasification which makes it particularly soda stream Fizzi

She would almost deserve the title of best soda machine if it had not been a problem. Among the advertised functions is a gasification indicator that can not fail to please the future buyer. But it is precisely the element that should push to make this purchase soda machine that pushes to put across. It is very often failing and it is a pity. Another disadvantage that can not be ignored, the price of CO2 refills. They are very expensive.

#2 SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Machine and Soda

The least we can say is that this soda machine does not look like the Sodastream Jet60, the Sodastream Dynamo, or any other model of SodaStream. She is far more massive and it will not be easy to get her out of the house. On the other hand, from an aesthetic point of view for the home, it is really perfect. This is not surprising when you know that it was precisely designed by a designer. Those who choose it will be delighted to learn that its appearance even won a prize in 2013. It has three levels of gasification and its use is childish. Just press one key and check the indicator light to see if the level has been reached. Ideal for everyone, including parents. Thanks to the “Snap & Lock” technology, even fixing the bottle is a breeze.sodastream source

This is probably the best soda machine of the brand. For about 90 euros, we get not only the same pack as before, but also a concentrated flavor. SodaStream Source also has drawbacks. Even ignoring the price of CO2 refills, it remains its ergonomics. It’s one of the heaviest soda machines ever. It weighs almost 5kg against 1.5kg to 2kg for others. And how to forget the fact that she is not autonomous.

#3 SodaStream Dynamo Sparkling Water  Soda Machine

SodaStream Dynam0 is a device that allows you to access sparkling water and soda at will without making any effort to move to acquire it. This device is characterized by its ability to operate in an economical and ecological way. Indeed, its use requires only tap water and to give you the expected result, it leads to no release of toxic products.

This model is able to work without batteries or electricity. As a result, it does not lead to expenditures on the consumption of electrical energy or those related to the purchase of other components intended to recharge it. This characteristic also strengthens its ability to play its role in respect of the environment.

This equipment is already at your disposal with a CO2 cylinder that can get up to 60 liters of sparkling drinks. Even if you consume it per day, it is not likely to run out quickly indicating the profitability of the investment in its purchase compared to similar items. In addition, its design is particularly elegant with its red color to facilitate its installation in different types of the room where you can consider using it frequently.

This device is not only effective, but its use in your home indicates that you adhere to the respect of the ecology.

#4 Kitchen Aid Soda Maker

This device can actually achieve great savings, because unlike a finished product for which the cost includes the bottling, advert, sing, and distribution, just gasify tap water with this device to get a sparkling water, or sugary drinks by adding syrup. The question then is what criteria to take into account in a comparison, to choose the right soda machine.KitchenAid soda maker

In the field of soda machines, it is especially the SodaStream brand that remains the undisputed leader. But we are also starting to find other brands trying to find a place in this market. So, the first question to ask is if you would choose a product of the best brand, or would you be tempted by other brands? For you to answer this question better, it seems important to understand how this type of device works.


#5  Soda Stream Jet Titan

Those who do not know which soda machine to buy can turn to this device that combines simplicity and speed of preparation. You only have to do a few manipulations to get a freshwater that sparkles gas or a good soda as your children love them. This is a really economical solution to please the little family since you do not need to go back and forth to the supermarket to get a soft drink or an unlimited soda. In addition, the cost of a bottle made at home is 10 or 15 $ cheaper than in the trade.sodastream jet

And if ever the gas bottle delivered with the device is empty, you only have to recharge it for your machine is new operation because it avoids the use of conventional bottles that may pollute the environment.

And because the device does not consume electricity, you will not be able to create an environmental impact. Finally, people who follow a diet plan can enjoy this homemade drink. Indeed, 25 cl of this soda provides on average 34 kcal, that is to say, it brings three times fewer calories than the one that is commercially available.

You will notice that SodaStream sees 3 of its integrated products on our list. She is, therefore, best placed to claim the title of the best brand of soda machines. His Jet Titan has some assets worthy of interest.

How Does A Soda Machine Work?

Innovative, the soda machine gives the possibility to prepare oneself for sparkling drinks, sparkling water or soda. Its concept is to gasify tap water in a few seconds, and eventually convert it into soda with the addition of a concentrate. Convenient during the hot season, this kind of equipment also reduces spending at a party. But be careful to use it properly, to have the best results. To do this, here are some tips on using your device.

Fill The Bottle With Water To Transform

After selecting the right bottle for the machine, the amount of water needed must be added. Tap water can be used. You can also choose to put water in a pack or filtered, it depends on your habits.

Start The Process

Take the bottle filled with water, remove the lid and screw it into the machine. Before switching on the equipment, it is necessary to check if the nozzle penetrates well into the liquid. This will ensure access of the processing elements in the container.

Switch On The Device

With the bottle in position, press the gasification button until you hear a buzz, which will give you confidence that the water has been turned into sparkling water. During this step, the bottle must be kept upright. Repeat the action several times if necessary. Bring the bottle towards you to depressurize and unscrew. Your sparkling water is ready.

Check If Everything Works

If the machine can not gasify the water, change the empty cylinder. Check that the bottle is vertical and filled with water to the mark. Do not remove the cylinder from your machine even if you still hear gas escaping and the gasification knob is released.

Try All The Ingredients Of Your Choice

If this is your first time, you should know that a mint syrup will allow you to make a diabolo mint, ditto with grenadine, strawberry or other. Also, an extract of fruit juice or a few drops of essential oil can also perfume the water at leisure. It’s up to you to measure the amount of sugar, you are free to concoct the ideal soda.

Make Your Own Soft Drink

Take freshly carbonated water according to the amount of gas desired. Thereafter, choose the flavor that you want to mix with your water. Grasp the measuring cap and put in the concentrate. Carefully pour into the bottle the aroma by tilting a little. All this being done, close well and stir gently.

To make sparkling sodas, it is important to add the aroma to the bottle only when the water it contains has been gasified.

Maintain Your Machine

It is essential to replace the gas cylinder. To prevent any malfunction, you must take a coin from the same brand and feature. Clean the unit regularly just by using a damp cloth and do not forget the nooks and crannies. Avoid wetting the machine as this may damage the mechanism.

The Buying Guide Of A Soda Maker Machine

Just over a third of households in Germany have a soda machine. And this fashion tends to become popular in France. However, it would be unthinking to enter the first store and take the very first device. The purchase of the soda machine, like that of any electrical device, should not be done on a whim. There is a whole list of important parameters that can not be ignored.


Any device must be convenient. There is no point in taking a soda machine, even if it is the best soda machine if its complexity makes it unusable. The easier it is to use, the better. In addition, parents would benefit from opting for a model easily manipulated even children.


The energy consumption must be minimal. The same is true for gas expenses. We buy a cheap soda machine first and especially to save money. If its use causes unprecedented electricity consumption or if it is necessary to change regularly the gas balloons, it will end up being useless.


An expensive soda machine usually comes with a bare minimum of accessories. We are entitled to the soda machine itself and to the limit of a bottle. After reading soda machine reviews, a lot of people are solving themselves to pay more, to get a maximum of accessories. They will have several bottles and refills that will allow them to save money later.


Let it be said once and for all: we all love it with our eyes. As powerful as a soda machine can be, nobody will want to buy it if it is monstrously ugly. So it goes without saying that we will not be able to pay attention. However, one should not be seduced by the appearance of the device. As attractive as it may be, the technical characteristics of the soda machine are more so.

Compatible Concentrates

Each brand has its own particularities and each of them offers its concentrates and refills. But some brands are far more “generous” than others. Opt for the brand that offers you a maximum of options. Also pay attention to the price of concentrates. You will be brought. You will probably have to buy a lot. It is desirable that they are not expensive.

Level Of Gasification

Each soda machine has its particularities. Opt for the soda machine that has the most levels of gasification possible. It is a question of convenience. This will allow you to make several types of soft drinks. However, we can deviate from this rule if we opt for a cheap soda machine which is not quite certain of the power. It would be better to have a soda machine with one or two levels of gasification, but they work perfectly.

The Average Price Of A Soda Machine

The prices of soda machines depend on their power and the different options they offer. However, it is not uncommon for prices to be influenced more by the design of the machine than its performance. That’s why it is important to take care to read carefully the characteristics of the device that is about to acquire. Better yet, to make sure you do not pay more than you need for a model that is not really worth it, we recommend using a soda machine comparison.

The Advantages Of A Soda Machine

Is it more reasonable to buy a cheap soda machine than bottles of soda at the store? The answer is positive. There is no doubt about it and the reasons are numerous.

Know What You Drink

Do you know what’s in the bottle of soda that you buy in the store? Although the composition is written on the bottle, the answer is negative. The question here is not really to have a list of any components. The problem is that the majority of people do not know what influences these chemical components have on their health. It is necessary at all costs to be a specialist to have a precise idea of what is consumed.

Reducing Sugar Consumption

Many campaigns have been launched in recent years to encourage parents to limit their children’s sugar consumption and theirs. Among the products incriminated in the increase of the obesity and the deterioration of the state of health of the population, sodas are at the first rank. Too sweet, they are a real time bomb for health.If the reasons that many parents are fiercely opposed to the consumption of soft drinks by their children is the excessive consumption of sugar. What better way than to be able to manage and control the quality of drinks offered to your child.


money Let’s face it, buying soda bottles continuously weighs heavily on the budget. Acquiring a soda machine is not an easy task because the cost of the device is just as high. However, in the long run, the use of the soda machine ended up being extremely economical.


If you think “buying soda machine”, it is necessary to take into account several parameters. But before you get there, you have to ask yourself one question: what would I like to do with it? This may seem ridiculous since the answer to this question seems obvious. But there is no question of whether one wants to make his own soft drinks. The goal is rather to know under what conditions we would like to do it. The best soda machine in the world will not suit you if it does not meet your expectations. It is therefore important to forget for a moment the opinions soda machine and focus for a moment on his personal needs.

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