Best Yogurt Maker Machine Reviews-Top Picks 2018

What Is The Best Yogurt Maker?

Yogurt is one of the best-fermented food products, which is loaded with a lot of nutrients, therefore helping you in staying fit and healthy. Including a cup of yogurt in your daily diet can help you even in managing your weight. Take it as a snack or with your meal, this tangy flavored product will always act as a magical intake.

While you have so many different options to buy it straight from any of the departmental stores, when you are setting it on your own, you can be assured of the quality. Well, we agree that setting is not that a simple process, but when you do it in your yogurt maker, it not only saves your time but also yields a good quality product. Isn’t it an advantage on its own?There are different types of yogurt makers machines available in the market. And your shopping will purely depend on the type of yogurt you want to make. Like, if you are up for making some normal yogurt, the strainer is not an essential thing here. The case is a bit different when it is about Greek yogurt. While the strainer becomes an integral part, you can buy a maker which has an inbuilt strainer feature of just buy it separately. The same thing goes for the different type of yogurt formation too. Read on to discover more details about the various kinds of yogurt makers.

Our Top Yogurt Maker Comparison Chart 2017-Best Reviews

  • Rank: #1
  • Capacity: 50 oz
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.1 x 9.9 inches
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Warranty : 3 Years
  • FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit
T-fal YG232BUS Balanced Living Yogurt Maker
  • Rank: #3 Editor's Choice
  • Capacity: 42 oz
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 6 inches
  • Plastic and Glass
  • Warranty : 3 Years
  • FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit
  • Rank: #4
  • Capacity: 32 oz
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.1 x 7.1 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty : 1 Years
  • Dash Greek Yogurt Maker
  • Rank: #5
  • Capacity: 24 oz
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.4 x 11.4 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty : 3 Years
  • Aroma AYM-606

Best-Selling Yogurt Maker Available On The Market

As it has been already mentioned that there are different types of yogurt maker available in the market, at the same time you can do your shopping part from online stores also. There, you will get the chance to go through the best yogurt maker reviews and know your product more in details. However, we have enlisted few yogurt makers with reviews available in the online store. Go through them and pick your best one!

 #1 Euro Cuisine YM80-Best Yogurt Maker

This particular euro cuisine yogurt maker is a revolutionary commercial machine that is one of the top choices of the consumers. The equipment is a great one to have around your kitchen ad it is a perfect fit as well. There are 7 screw cap glass-type jars available inside the maker. And there is also a manual timer that helps the user to program a certain reminder when the whole fermentation procedure is complete. Don’t you just love such features? And that is certainly not all people. This euro cuisine yogurt maker also enables the user to make the yogurt in a very efficient way in a bulk quantity. Although there is no thermometer, this product still manages to win the hearts of the people. The glass jars that come along with the product are a fascinating change than the other yogurt makers that only use plastic ones. Also, the glass jars are dishwasher safe s you don’t have to worry about that for sure. Being user-friendly product, this particular device has an instruction manual provided for the sake of easy understanding of the device.


  • The 7 6-oz. glasses that come with the device helps the user to make yogurt in different flavors.
  • In-built on and off switch and an indicator light to indicate the operating of the device.
  • Dishwasher safe jars are amazing to use.
  • Euro Cuisine yogurt maker comes with the three-year warranty period.
  • Timer provided on the side tells the user when it is time and the yogurt is ready.
  • Best for the bulk quantity yogurt maker.



  • You get healthy and tasty yogurt without any complications.
  • You have the authority to control what goes into the yogurt.
  • There is no loud noise being produced from the euro cuisine yogurt maker.
  • Indicators tell you when it is time, so you don’t have to worry about it.


  • There are certain complaints regarding the heating problem of the device.
  • The preparation time of the yogurt sometimes takes more than the mentioned time.

 #2 Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling

All you have to do when you have this product in the home is sit back and relax while the machine does the job for you. The Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling,3.12lb Jar capacity,(1.5L) is an amazingly designed yogurt maker with an awesome cooling system that happens to automatically change the temperature to an optimum level so that the process can be simplified a bit more. The chilling temperature in Cuisinart yogurt maker has changed automatically with the preparation of the yogurt. There are different additional features that make it an amazing choice for the household.This is best bulk yogurt making machine. Most people are going crazy over this particular product and we have some idea why. Now that you know what an amazing product this is, you should definitely go and buy yourself one as well. We shall be discussing its features and what else makes it special.


  • The in-built cooling system is an amazing feature that automatically does everything like setting the temperature to an ideal limit when the yogurt is ready.
  • There is a 50-oz yogurt container available with the package that provides more than you can ever imagine. Offering almost up to six servings of 8-oz yogurt, this jar is certainly a humongous one.
  • Extremely easy and efficient methods of operating in Cuisinart CYM-100.
  • Manual on and off button provided.
  • Time setting feature available with the time controls in the device.
  • Stainless steel finishes available, also a digital display of time.



  • The 50 oz a capacity of the machine makes it a very spacious store of all the yogurt. You don’t have to worry about making it again and again.
  • The operation is pretty simple and the procedure is not complicated.
  • LED display available.


  • Sometimes it becomes very difficult to control the temperature and there is a problem of overheating as well.
  • The capacity is a bit small.
  • The pliable materials with the package are pretty fragile.

 #3 Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker

If you are someone who wants freshly prepared, organic and amazing home0made yogurt without the extra preservatives that are added, then, Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker is your best bet. There are the store-bought yogurts where you will find so many added preservatives that is clearly harmful to the health. What this particular yogurt maker does is, it creates an amazing, coherent yogurt every time you want it with the help of the awesome bath system that is a feature of this device. See, what the water bath system does is, it creates a uniform and even wall around the inner side of the container and that, in turn, produces clear-cut yogurt every single time. With such amazing beauty and additional features, this product certainly makes our list of the homemade yogurt makers machine and it deserves the single praise that it gets.


  • Every package of the equipment comes with an additional instruction manual for the easy understanding and assembling of the Yogurmet yogurt maker.
  • Every model is specifically designed to produce the perfect organic, non-preservative yogurt every single time for the user.
  • This Yogurmet maker is a perfect choice for anyone who is on a carbohydrate diet.
  • Every single content in the device is dishwasher safe, and that includes the inner container as well.
  • There is also a thermometer to adjust the temperature of the equipment for better preparation of the yogurt.



  • An amazing option for making healthy, organic and preservative-free yogurt every single time. Perfect for people with health issues.
  • The water bath system is an amazing feature that allows the yogurt to be so amazing.
  • Produces almost up to 2 quarts of yogurt at one time, which is certainly enough.


  • There is no timer included so you pretty much have to stand near the device to know when it is done.
  • The temperature control can sometimes be a bit difficult.
  • The plastic components of the equipment are crackable.

 #4 Folding Bread Proofer And Yogurt Maker

This particular device is certainly a deserving name in the list of the yogurt makers till now. And that is because, with its amazing feature and such great design, this device has melted the hearts of several consumers. It is not just the product but the brand that makes it such a popular name. This multifunctional and amazing kitchen device is a must for every other kitchen as its ability to create amazing home-made yogurt is unparalleled. You can use your containers to create almost up to 8 quarts of fresh and healthy yogurt which is more than enough for some households. You can use different varieties of milk that are available such as coconut, lactose-free or soy milk.

Now that you know all about the amazing product and its different uses, why don’t you go ahead and get yourself one? Oh, we know what you’re waiting for. The features, of course! Don’t worry as we have the amazing features in here for you as well.


  • The features include multi-tasking abilities such as making yogurt, melting chocolate, rising bread and much, much more.
  • The low-temperature device is a must buy the appliance for every single kitchen.
  • The amazing fermentation tools help to make the yogurt quickly.
  • 200 watts, 7lbs. and 120V device.
  • There is an aluminum base plate available.
  • Viewing window available which is always a good thing.



  • The product is affordable and cheap when compared to other products.
  • A very simple setup method makes sure that you don’t have to put much effort into setting it up.
  • Provides an excellent environment for proofing the bread.
  • The time taken by the yogurt to be prepared is only 8 hours.


  • There have been several issues with the heat. Most users complain that the temperature wasn’t accurate in the device.

 #5 Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

One of the top names that come to mind when we think about the amazing yogurt makers is the Dash Greek  Yogurt Maker that is just an amazing device to use for all the kitchens. This product with its amazing features and incredible designs has made it in our top list. The ability of the product is such that people are going crazy for buying this amazing yogurt maker for their household. And if you are someone who likes freshly prepared, home-made yogurt then you should definitely try out the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker for your kitchen.

This particular device is certainly a great catch for the people who want something under a reasonable budget and also something that they can trust to provide efficient service. This amazing yogurt maker is a dream come true for the households that look for a simple equipment with great services. With features such as a see-through lid and a small recipe book to guide you through the entire process, this homemade yogurt maker machine proves to become an ideal option. No wonder people are so crazy about this particular product.


  • Making yogurt is very much easy in this small and comfortable yogurt maker that provides a 1 quart capacity with the containers.
  • The compact but simple design of the yogurt maker ensures that it fits in any counter of the kitchen.
  • An easy and cheap method of making yogurt at home.
  • 1-year warranty provided with the device.
  • A handy recipe book for guidance and an unlimited access to the database of the recipes.



  • A very cheap ad affordable yogurt maker that produces fresh and healthy home-made yogurt.
  • The simple and decent construction of the maker ensures that the procedure is pretty simple.
  • The capacity of the yogurt maker is enough.


  • The placement of a certain heating element, the yogurt tends to be a bit thicker at the base.

Benefits Of Owning Your Own Yogurt Making Machine

One thing that most people would agree to is that yogurt is certainly a healthy food item that is meant to make you healthy. I mean, come on.

However, one thing that everyone tends to forget is that the yogurt that we buy at the store is not really the real yogurt. Of course, it is yogurt, but not in its purest forms. And because of that, it doesn’t really provide the same health benefits as some pure yogurt would do. The truth of the matter is that you think you are buying the healthy food but actually, you are not.

A solution to that would be to make your own yogurt at home. It doesn’t contain the added preservative that the store bought yogurt has in abundance, plus the yogurt that you make at home would be a perfect, healthy and fresh version of the store-bought one.

But then, who has the time to make yogurt? Well, this is where the yogurt maker comes to your help. With the yogurt maker reviews, you will very efficiently and simply handle all your yogurt making task and provides you with fresh yogurt in just a few hours. Plus, there are some automatic yogurt makers with an indicator sign to indicate you when the process is done. That can surely be a lot of help right?

Different Types Of Yogurt Makers

Greek Yogurt Maker:

When you are choosing a best Greek yogurt maker, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Now, everyone knows about the benefits of Greek yogurt, right? And with the help of a Greek yogurt maker reviews, you will be able to prepare some home-made fresh and healthy Greek yogurt that will certainly benefit the health of the family. The majority of the Greek yogurt makers are pretty much safe for use. And it can be said that the Greek yogurt makers don’t have BPA in their components as well, which makes them an ideal option for your kitchen.

Nowadays, you can find BPA in many different products and these products are generally made of plastic. BPA can be very harmful to the mental health of a child and that is why it is essential that a  best Greek yogurt maker is installed in the house to make sure that the child is benefited from all of this.

There are generally two different kinds of Greek yogurt makers in the market right now. The ones with the plastic or the single glass bucket and the other have a unique design when it comes to their containers. It depends on your requirement, what yogurt maker you choose for your kitchen.

Frozen Yogurt Maker:

Surely you all love frozen yogurt. There is no doubt about the fact the frozen yogurt is something that we all like to have. And imagine if you could make such yogurt at your home. Wouldn’t it be a great thing? Well, with the help of the best-frozen yogurt maker reviews you can definitely make some at your home. The frozen yogurt makers are another type of those amazing yogurt making machine that can be used to make frozen yogurt. And when you are out buying for a great yogurt maker, then there are some important things that you need to look for before you make a purchase.

One of the first things that anyone should look for in a best-frozen yogurt maker is the capacity of the device. There are different types of frozen yogurt makers that have varying capacities of making the yogurt while choosing always keep in mind, how much yogurt would you need in a day.

Also, every frozen yogurt maker has a freezing timer. And the ones that don’t have it are the ones that are not very efficient. What the freezing timer does is that it tells you when the frozen yogurt is perfectly made and it allows you to give the yogurt a perfect texture and taste.Best Frozen yogurt makers are certainly a very useful device that should definitely be in your kitchen.

Automatic Yogurt Maker:

Having delicious and fresh, homemade yogurt is the dream of many people. And who like the bland store-bought yogurt that has preservatives and is clearly harmful to your health. Well, it is always a better option to have freshly prepared yogurt at home. And, how can you do that? With the help of the Automatic Yogurt Makers, of course! These yogurt makers are another type of the efficient equipment that most of the households nowadays use to create fresh yogurt regularly. It is really important to have an automatic yogurt maker at home as they are pretty efficient at what they do and they save a lot of your time and energy. All you have to do is set the containers full of yogurt mix in the maker and just relax.

When buying an automatic yogurt maker, you need to make sure that you choose the right kind of device for your kitchen. Now, there are two categories of the automatic yogurt makers, the one with the large containers and the one with multiple small containers. It is up to you to decide what you want. Automatic yogurt makers are really important when it comes to making fresh yogurt. And the best part is that you don’t even have to worry about excess fermentation and excess freezing as well.

Electric Yogurt Makers:

One of the best devices used to make yogurt is certainly the electric yogurt makers that are another type of the wonderful yogurt makers. These models are efficient in what they do and that is, make good quality yogurt. One of the best things about the electric yogurt makers is that they complete work on electricity and hence are pretty much faster than the other models of yogurt makers. They prepare some of the best and high-quality yogurt for you and your family. And who doesn’t like yogurt? With the help of Electric yogurt makers, you can have fresh yogurt whenever you want. Also, you get a free thermometer for measuring the temperature efficiently.

When people generally buy an electric yogurt maker they look for certain properties. The customers want something that is an easy and efficient example of an electric yogurt maker. A non-complicated device that is very easy to utilize and there should be n technical problems when you are using an electric yogurt maker. For someone who is using this type of a yogurt maker for the first time, there can be some complications but with proper use, you will eventually learn to master the use of electric yogurt makers.

Glass Yogurt Maker:

Are you a yogurt lover? Don’t you have this urge of having fresh yogurt but are just too lazy to reach up to the market and buy yogurt? Worry not! Yogurt makers are a nice and easy way of making yogurt for you so that you can save your time and energy and taste the real deal!

Fresh yogurt is healthy for us and it has a lot of probiotics and good bacteria. This helps in making our body immune and healthy. Especially on a hot summer day, fresh yogurt is what refreshes your mood and your tired body.

A glass yogurt maker is that magical appliance which by heating the milk and leaving to ferment, in a reliable Temperature and environment helps you make homemade yogurt in a very simple, effective and cost-efficient way. One of the best things about the glass yogurt makers is that they are pretty simple to use. With a see-through lid, you can actually see the whole procedure to make sure that the yogurt is properly fermented.

When buying a glass yogurt maker, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind and it is the volume of the yogurt maker that you want. That is certainly very important.

Features To Consider While Buying A Yogurt Maker


The capacity of the yogurt maker is certainly one of the first things that you should look for when you are out shopping for one. It depends upon the requirements of the customer, how much capacity the yogurt maker should have. Different families have different levels of consumption of the yogurt. Some have far less when compared to those who have yogurt more often. For people who have yogurt regularly, getting the yogurt making machine with a large capacity of making the yogurt would be a great idea. There are many amazing options available at the market which tells us what is the exact capacity of a particular yogurt maker. There is another thing that you need to know when you are looking for the yogurt maker. It is this that the equipment provides two different types of sizes. There is the serving size and there are the tubs that come with it.


The cost of the yoga maker is another one of those important factors that you need to consider before you actually go ahead and buy one. There are many different options available for yogurt maker and they come in different price ranges. It really depends on the budget that you have. Most people who have a big budget for the yogurt maker, they tend to go for the ones that are practically automatic and have varieties of other features attached to them. No doubt, these yogurt making machines are certainly the better one when compared to those with the low price range. However, having a yogurt maker is pretty important for any household so it is better than you get one anyway as the yogurt makers that have a low price are also pretty good when it comes to making yogurt. You get freshly prepared yogurt and there is a proper way to do it.

Freezing Timer:

This is another one of those important things that you consider checking before you buy a yogurt maker of your own. It is true that every household certainly needs a yogurt maker for preparing fresh, organic yogurt but buying one can be a bit difficult when you don’t know what you want. But if you do, then you certainly know the importance of a freezing timer in a particular yogurt maker. The freezing timer is what indicates that the yogurt is frozen. See how the process of the yogurt maker works is that the milk is fermented during the night and it is frozen during the daytime. It is most essential that you have a freezing timer in your yogurt maker as it tells the time when the yogurt is ready. When you get a yogurt maker that doesn’t have a yogurt maker, then there are chances that you might freeze the yogurt more than usual, which is not good.


It is really important that you understand the importance of cleaning your yogurt maker. Now when most people buy a yogurt maker, they usually look for the ones that have a large capacity or something. But then, these yogurt makers are also very hard to clean. It really depends on your requirement, what kind of a yogurt maker you want. It is essential to clean your yogurt maker and for that, the device needs to be a simple one that is easy to detach and clean. Some machines are so complicated that they can be pretty hard to join once you have opened and clean them up. This certainly makes the whole procedure pretty complicated. So it is important that you look for a perfect and comfortable yogurt maker that isn’t very complicated when it comes to cleaning. Make sure that you choose wisely as you and your family will be having that device in your household and you certainly don’t want a faulty one right?

How To Use A Yogurt Making Machine

So now that you have bought your own Yogurt Maker, it is now time to understand how to use it. Using a yogurt maker to make your own yogurt is a very simple procedure that we are going to discuss here.

  • You need to heat the milk first to make sure that it forms some foams along the pan’s edges, which is when you know that it is fully heated. Make sure that the milk doesn’t boil though. Once heated, remove the pan from the heat and let the milk cool down a bit.
  • Cooling the milk is the next step. You need to make sure that the milk cools till it temperature comes down to 110 F. and while that is happening, you can pour some yogurt into a mixing bowl for later use.
  • You need to temper the yogurt and the milk in the next step. Take the help of a ladle to do that. You need to slowly add the cooled milk in the yogurt. This is something that should be done carefully.
  • After adding about 2 full cups of the milk in the yogurt, you need to pour the mixture that is made, into the pan and add the remaining milk as well as you stir it till it becomes creamy.
  • Fill up the containers of the yogurt maker with the mixture that was formed. Make sure you do that attentively and put equal measures. Wipe the drips along the outer side of the container.
  • Now all you need to do is set the yogurt maker and its timer for the fermentation.
  • And once the yogurt is made, you can refrigerate it and enjoy the amazing and freshly prepared home-made yogurt.

There are some devices that are pretty complicated, however, with proper guidance, you will definitely be able to make use of the yogurt maker properly.

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