Bodum Milk Frother Reviews

Bodum is a brand of Danish origin who wants to reinvent everyday devices. In a modern and a rather minimalist style, like her neighbor, she wants to highlight the simplicity and efficiency of everyday products in general and kitchen utensils in particular. She could not miss the world of milk frothers and here is the reviews of the Bodum milk frother.

The Bodum Milk Frother is a portable and automatic milk frother. Portable because it is not attached to a wire or a plug. It works with batteries, which makes it extremely convenient when you are away from home. If you’re like camping but not without my delicious cappuccino/latte in the morning, this Bodum Milk Frother is a great choice

But it is also an automatic milk frother because it is enough to press a button and a creamy and delicious mousse is prepared. Its transparent ice allows to see the progress of the preparation and allows to dose perfectly the phase of foam to obtain the creaminess that you wish. Even when you’re away from home, a delicious coffee with a creamy foam in the morning definitely changes the day.

But, do not get me wrong, the Bodum Milk Frother can also be very effective at home. All this for a rather low price compared to the competition.

Bodum Frother Reviews & Characteristics

The Appearance Of Bodum Milk Frother

bodum milk frotherThe Bodum Milk Frother consists of a borosilicate glass pane and a glass handle. Borosilicate glass is a glass resistant to very high temperatures. And we realize with the use, the glass does not heat at all. On this precise characteristic, we can see that Bodum’s engineers have managed to combine design, finishes and intrinsic quality of the product. Because the high-temperature resistant glass allows you to put the milk frother in the dishwasher, but we will come back to it later.

The capacity of this Bodum Milk Frother is 250 ml, which is low but still very respectable. That’s as much as the Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother. If you have read our reviews on the Aeroccino, you may have realized that it was not really a reference. To compare it to a top quality frother, 250 ml, it is slightly lower than the capacity of the milk frother Severin which is 350 ml.

These dimensions are reasonable, these are the dimensions of a jug of water: 18 cm for the height, 15.6 cm for the width and 10 cm for the depth. It will, therefore, be easy to store in a cupboard with jugs of water and other kitchen utensils.

Quality Of Bodum Foam

This Bodum Milk Frother does not heat the foam but it just lather. The quality of the foam is really good and especially ultra customizable. The milk heating time, the froth time, the type of milk, all these factors will affect the quality of the foam obtained. Some prefer it light, others rather consistent: Thanks to this former, you can easily take the hand and regularly get a creamy foam and delicious milk.

Ease Of Use

No fuss about this rather basic milk frother. It only has one mode. But that it is effective! Indeed, it will take a maximum of thirty seconds (less if you decide to stop before) to prepare a firm, delicious and unctuous mousse. It is therefore fast to any test, for a remarkable result. We also tried to leave the foam for over an hour and she kept the same texture. Test passed successfully!

A very important point to note and that this frothing of milk is satisfied to froth milk and not to heat it. But the engineers have planned everything and the frother goes to the microwave. So fill the desired amount of milk, the whole in the microwave and then launches the action of foaming milk. In less than a minute, all the actions are done Awesome.

Some people recommend that you first froth the milk and then heat it in the microwave. We find that the foam thus created is then lighter, like egg whites in the snow. We let you make your own opinion with this Bodum Milk Frother.

Easy Maintenance And Cleaning

It is very easy to clean since all parts of this Bodum frother are dishwasher safe. The glass is very strong and remains solid even after several years. The team was blown away by this material.

Pros & Cons Of The Bodum Frother


  • Excellent value
  • Mobile, it works without electricity
  • Excellent foam quality
  • The consistency of customizable foam
  • Modern and efficient design


  • One mode
  • No heating of the milk/foam.

Conclusion On The Bodum 1446 Milk Frother

If you are looking for a milk frother that provides a very good quality milk froth at a reduced price, you have certainly found your happiness. The Bodum  Milk frother is also very easy to use and clean. The frother passes in the microwave, which allows to heat and then foam in the same container for a significant time-saving. In addition to these qualities, it is portable, works with batteries and mobile!

This milk frother is one of the high-end foamers and its low price is due to the fact that it is not able to heat the foam. He seizes without any problem from the first place of cheap milk frothers. If you have something else to heat your milk and you are looking for a strong and powerful milk frother, opt for the Bodum milk frother.

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