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The practicality and robustness of the FoodSaver V2860-I are among its main assets. The model is intended for domestic use and is used daily without any problems. In addition to its performance, this machine is used intuitively and even the most novice will not get lost. Vacuuming operations are impeccable as the knife supplied with the machine makes straight and precise cuts.

The Highlights Of The FoodSaver V2860 Machine

The FoodSaver V2860-I has many advantages that set it apart from other models of vacuum machines. Its stainless steel finish seduces customers and many of them are tempted to buy. This quality of finish is, of course, a guarantee of robustness and longevity.

Convenience is also at the rendezvous with this vacuum device from FoodSaver. Indeed, the model has a latch closure. With this device, the hands are free to hold the packaging bag. It should also be known that the model has two welding modes. In fact, the welding of the packaging bag is not the same for vacuum- fed dry foods and wet foods placed under vacuum.

So that the bag roll and the blade used during the vacuum operation are not lost, the machine has been equipped with a storage compartment dedicated to them. To avoid clutter, the machine can be stored vertically. But as it is a compact model, it does not take much space even installed horizontally.

Thanks to its beautiful modern design, this vacuum packaging machine proves to be a real decorative element in the kitchen. It blends easily with any style of interior decoration and will bring a contemporary touch to the kitchen that welcomes it.

Although the FoodSaver V2860-I is a domestic model, it promises a good performance to its user. The vacuum packing operation is done quickly. Of course, do not abuse the device and use it intensively at the risk of damaging it.

The Technical Characteristics Of V2860 Vacuum Sealing Machine

The FoodSaver V2860-I has impressive features for a domestic vacuum packer. Developing a power of 105W for a vacuum capacity of 0.5 bar to 0.8 bar, this model promises to be efficient and fast to use. In order to vacuum pack any type of food, the model has adjustable air flow. Its pump can expel an amount of air between 8 and 11 liters per minute and the flow can be set to slow, medium or fast. This setting is important because some fragile foods can be crushed if the suction is too strong.Foodsaver v2860 Product Specification

With the FoodSaver V2860-I, vacuuming food has never been easier. The model has been designed to make life easier for the user. Thanks to its three suction speeds and manual suction option, the most suitable suction mode can be selected. Our role is limited to installing the bag containing the food to be packaged and then programming the suction speed and the air flow of the pump. The machine takes care of the rest and the result is simply impressive.

In addition to vacuum packaging, this machine also performs the welding operation of the packaging bags. For this, two sealing levels are available: the solder to dry food and the solder to wet food.

All operations performed by this vacuum device can be done automatically. Indeed, the model has a vacuum control device. The user has the choice between automatic or manual impulse sealing. These two modes are equally effective, but it all depends on the user’s habit.

To facilitate the cutting of the bag roll, a cutter is integrated into the apparatus. Thus, this machine has been equipped with a special compartment where are housed the cutter and the bag roll.

To prove to customers that it is a reliable model, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on the purchase of the FoodSaver V2860-I. Of course, with a minimum of maintenance, the machine can last even longer. The point is always to keep in mind that this is a domestic model not a professional model.

Who is the FoodSaver V2860-I designed for?

The FoodSaver V2860-I is a vacuum packing machine created specifically for households who want to keep food in optimal hygienic conditions. Indeed, the preservation of food requires enormous precautions to avoid food poisoning. foodsaver v2860 vacuum sealing MachineAlways make sure that the food stays healthy even after storage and that the taste is preserved. When using the FoodSaver V2860-I, food can be packed and stored for several days without changing quality.

All households that are used to making provisions can take advantage of this vacuum machine. However, to be profitable, you must have several foods to keep every week or every month. Indeed, the machine is used only rarely, it is quite useless to buy except perhaps to look pretty in the kitchen.

What We Think About The FoodSaver V2860-I Vacuum Packing Machine

The FoodSaver V2860-I is a powerful machine and we recommend it to individuals who make household provisions. Certainly, people who are used to simply putting food to keep in a plastic bag or in an airtight container will say that this vacuum is not very useful. However, they must know that if foods are poorly preserved, they lose their quality and can become dangerous to health. To avoid such a situation, it is advisable to always pack the food as it should before storage. The FoodSaver V2860-I vacuum is recommended because it allows the food to be stored for a long time without losing quality.

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