Ozeri Milk Frother-Reviews and Guide

Because time is money, but a beautiful foam is important, Ozeri offers us a  fast milk frother and efficient, at least on paper. The manufacturer promises that its product forms a beautiful foam in less time than it takes to say. It is also a versatile device, which must allow us several actions. Should we rush to order or turn to the competition? I help you answer this question. view

A Versatile Manual Milk Foamer

If some frothers like the Arendo Milkloud, connect to mains and heat the milk at the same time as frothing, others like this Ozeri are in the form of a handle that is immersed in a container to lather.

The highlight of this type of foamer is versatility. Indeed, in addition to its milk whisk, the Ozeri is supplied with a mixer and a propeller. The various accessories will allow different achievements. The drummer gives us the opportunity to beat eggs, assemble soups, or prepare a sauce. The propeller will be mostly used to mix cocktails.

Design And Features

I really like the fact that this manual foamer is supplied with a metal stand. The device is stylish, and it can stay on the counter of a kitchen, ready to use. Made entirely of stainless steel, it weighs not too heavy with 220 grams on the scale. I find it really nice, it is well drawn and it exudes robustness.

Small flat all the same, it is not easy to change accessories. Hold the handle firmly and pull hard on the whip in place. At first, I was a little afraid of damaging the material by doing so. In the end, we get there very well, but I think a system with a clip or button would have been more convenient.

It works wirelessly, which makes it easy to handle. Its shape with the shape of the fingers is also well thought out. The grip is immediate, and the device is pleasant to use. However, it will sometimes change its batteries. I have not been able to use this former long enough to get an idea of a possible loss of power when the batteries start to wear out, or the autonomy of the two AA batteries.

Performance Of The Ozeri Milk Frother

This is where the manufacturer was expected to turn. By announcing a rotation speed of 15,000 rpm and a foam ready in less than 10 seconds,  Ozeri was setting the bar very high. However, it is crossed without any problem, and for a simple cup of milk, it is actually always less than 10 seconds to obtain a smooth cream.

It frothing without any problem with all types of milk: whole, semi-skimmed, or skimmed, but also almond or soy milk. It only takes a few seconds to get the right foam for a hot latte or to prepare a soft mousse for its cold chocolate to taste.

The drummer is also very effective, and it can especially prepare a mayonnaise or a béchamel very easily. It is really more than just a former, but an efficient and versatile kitchen utensil. These two speeds are useful in some situations, it is easier to use the second speed to beat eggs.

WE love

  • The simplicity of use
  • The effectiveness
  • Both speeds
  • Drummer and propeller as additional accessories
  • Value for money

We like less

  • Battery operation
  • Accessories that are difficult to remove

The Final Verdict

The roll of drums is not necessary, there is no real suspense if you have read all of this test/opinion. It is obviously a very good milk frother, practical and effective than this Ozeri. Very simple to take in hand, it realizes a beautiful foam in a few seconds. This is not a simple frothing since it also serves as a drummer and is therefore very versatile. I note two shadows on the board all the same: The used battery that I personally do not like more than that, but necessarily, wireless is gaining mobility, and the establishment and especially the removal of accessories that is not very practical.

Anyway, at this price, it is without a doubt one of the best foams on the market, and you can go for it immediately to order


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