Severin Milk Frother Reviews And Guide

The Severin Milk Frother is a device that catches the eye because it is both elegant and original. Indeed, it comes in a very contemporary circular form that will inevitably put your work plan in value. What is also very interesting is that it has a mixture of glossy black and aluminum gray which gives it a perfectly trendy design, especially since the latter is enhanced by a few touches of sky blue. In short, this model is probably one of the most beautiful of his generation, and it is certain that by discovering it, you will not be able to stop trying it as soon as possible.

A milk frother is an essential accessory for making delicious cappuccinos or other lattes. The Severin 9688 must, therefore, allow us to make all our favorite recipes based on milk froth, and it will additionally add a touch of decoration to our kitchen. How does it work? Is it effective? I spent a few days with him, and I had the time to try it conscientiously, so here are my impressions.

A Very Complete Milk Frother

This is an automatic milk frother. It will be sufficient to pour the precious white liquid inside and let the device work. We are therefore limited to the capacity of the container, unlike a manual milk Frother such as Ozeri who stands at arm’s length but allows to make more foam in one shot.

However, here the capacity of the stainless steel carafe is great. It will be possible to prepare up to 350 ml of foam, which is well above average. Even the  Melitta Cremio foamer,  which already had a good capacity, does not make as much foam. It will also be possible to heat up to 700 ml of milk in one go, and prepare several hot chocolates at the same time.

Design And Features Of The Severin 9688 Frother

All tastes and colors are in nature, and the design of a small appliance device is not always essential. Personally, I like objects that I like, I have a big kitchen and they stay well in sight. This frother Severin is for me one of the most beautiful frothers on the market. The large glossy black plastic holder holds the stainless steel carafe, it’s really nice. It’s both understated and elegant with slightly rounded shapes, I love it. It’s even nicer when you turn on the power and the blue lights on the program wheel light up.

The carafe is placed in 360 ° in the support, this aerator is just as suitable for right-handed as left-handed and its use is quite pleasant. I would still have preferred a handle a little larger as the  Melitta Cremio II.  Here, she is still quite small. Aside from that, the build quality is really impeccable, it’s a product made in Germany, which is always reassuring.

The wheel allows us to choose the programming mode. It can be frothed hot or cold and choose the temperature up to 65 ° C. It is also possible to heat our milk to the desired temperature. Everything is clearly stated, we can not go wrong.

Accessory And Grip

On the side of the accessories, there is a tip to froth milk and another to simply mix and prepare including good hot or cold chocolates. A small magnetic compartment allows us to store the tip that we do not use, it’s really convenient. The tip change is very simple, it does not even take 3 seconds.

We do not adjust the preparation time. The device stops automatically when the milk is the right temperature, idem when the foam is sufficiently creamy. A short bell sounds to warn us, it will only remain to use the foam as desired. Security is present in case there is overheating.

The milk can not burn, and the non-stick coating is very easy to clean. We can also if you want to pass the stainless steel carafe directly in the dishwasher. For tips it is advisable to wash them by hand to prevent them from getting damaged. Anyway, the interview is very fast.

The Performance Of The Milk Frother

So we can produce up to 350 ml of milk foam, which is already a great performance. The mousse is creamy but still thinner than with the Melitta Cremio II. It is however very satisfying and your coffees or other cappuccinos will be successful. We can even accompany some strawberries or other seasonal fruits with this little white foam.

It is very fast, as well to froth as to heat the milk. It takes about a minute to make 350 ml. We do not waste time with this device, which some brewery bosses use elsewhere with pleasure.

Technical Characteristics

  • Make and model: Severin 9688
  • Weight: 1.62 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18.5 x 25.3 centimeters
  • Number of programs: 5
  • Milk capacity: 700 milliliters
  • Milk froth capacity: 350 milliliters
  • Power: 500 watts
  • Materials: Stainless Steel / Plastic

The Final Verdict

It’s one of my favorites. This frothervSeverin 9688 is at first particularly beautiful. At once elegant and modern, it will find its place in a contemporary kitchen. The use is simple, with a complete program for choosing to make foam cold or hot. You can also decide on the temperature of the milk, which is a very good thing.

The foam is unctuous, even if we have already seen denser. The mixer simply warms the milk by mixing a chocolate or why not aromas of strawberries. We can also make a good foaming chocolate that children (and older) will love. So, of course, the price is a bit high, but it’s a robust, effective and really attractive product. You will very quickly adopt it!

WE love

  • Modern design
  • The many settings
  • The simplicity of use
  • The possibility of choosing the temperature

We like less

  • The handle of the carafe a little small
  • The price a little high, but it’s solid


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