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The Source soda machine is another reference to the brand SodaStream, sister of the Power Source. Here is a small presentation of this very elegant mid-range model.

Clean Design And Monochrome

If we love the Power Source, we can only appreciate this model Source as its lines are clean and denote a harmonious and neat design with several colors available: red, blue, white and black.

Once again, this little gem of elegance is the work of Yves Béhar, the famous Swiss designer already behind the look of Source Power. And if some may blame me for my subjectivity, note that the Source version Metal Edition was awarded by the Red Dot Design Award.

New generation machine, this device to carbonate the water integrates the technology Snap & Lock. Your bottle clips directly to your machine for a successful insertion every time, even for kids. The Source also incorporates Auto Lift innovation: this intelligent bubble management system enables the gasification block to be remounted automatically to facilitate and simplify the use of the machine.

The device is predominantly black with a beautiful plastic shell with rounded contours, enhanced by light metal touches very significant including the chrome foot. Its discreet and summary gasification level indication buttons are as intuitive as they are elegant. Three levels are available to you regarding the amount of bubbles in your water: light, medium or intense gasification. Press the gasification block and stop the support when the desired amount of bubbles is obtained, the level of gasification is easily visible through an LED system.

Fast Operation

Making a bottle of sparkling water with the Sodastream Source soda machine is a real pleasure.

You must fill the PET bottle supplied in the pack with water up to the dipstick. Then check that the soda machine is ready: check that the gasification block is at the top of the machine when the cylinder attachment lever is facing towards the front of the machine. Then insert your bottle into the machine by clipping it to the block with a slight circular motion. Then lower the block of gasification and hold it down while adding the CO2 food or make a succession of pressure. Renew the operation as many times as necessary to reach the desired level of gasification, visible thanks to the LED buttons.

If you want to make your homemade soda, add Teisseire syrup or Sodastream concentrate. For this last ingredient, a measuring cap is sufficient to perfume a liter of sparkling water.

Strong Points

The Source machine proposed by SodaStream is really splendid and very practical.

At first glance, it is his aesthetic that we notice. The award-winning Design Source brings a nice touch of modernism to a kitchen while being discreet and refined.

In addition to its look, Snap & Lock’s handy system simplifies the introduction of the PET bottle and also avoids risky handling, which is always useful with children.

Lastly, the Source allows the use of dedicated 1L and 0.5L bottles, convenient for making personalized preparations.

Weak Points

There are two weak points for the Source soda machine.

The first concerns the gasification itself but is more a flat than a defect. Despite the Auto Lift, having to press and hold down the gasification block to add CO2 to the water can be a disadvantage when other machines do the work with a single button. On the other hand, this physical mechanism will appeal to fans of custom gasification, you are really master of your gasification.

The second disadvantage, as for all high-end machines, remains the price.

Detailed Features Of Source Soda Stream

The soda machine is 22 centimeters long, 12 cm wide and 42 cm high. Mass side, the Source weighs 4.4Kg, which can be explained in particular by the electric side of this model SodaStream.

During your purchase, you will have, in addition to the machine to carbonate water, a PET plastic bottle of 1l without BPA, a cylinder of carbonic gas food of the Sodastream mask which allows to gasify about 60 liters of water, the manual of the machine as well as a discovery offer of 6 perfumes of concentrates.

As with all models of this brand, the classic manufacturer’s warranty applies, ie 2 years.

Mark Sodastream
Dimensions 12 x 22 x 42 cm
Weight 4.4 Kg
contents 1L Bottle PET Machine
CO2 Food Cylinder
Manual User Manual
Discovery Offer
Guarantee 2 years
Material Metal and plastic


Whether its neat design or its Snap & Lock system, this other creation by designer Yves Béhar is admirable and very practical. If you want to manually manage your level of gasification, this Source machine is for you.


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