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We continue our Review search with a new soda machine signedSodaStreamm, one of the cheapest in its range, the Jet Plus and its 2 PET bottles.

Best SodaStream Machine Review

The Jet Plus has a rather unusual look for the best soda machine. While the brand SodaStream had accustomed us to pretty design devices with a seductive look, this device is the perfect counterexample in the genre.

With its rectangular shape and a rudimentary two-color side, the Jet Plus ignores the aesthetics to bet on practicality, and with reason.

Fast Operation

To use the Jet Plus water gasifier, fill the PET and Bisphenol A bottle supplied with the machine with water. Then insert the bottle into the space provided and start the gasification of the water with the ignition button. The more you press the button and the more the bubbles will be concentrated, making your water more sparkling with each pressure.

Suffice to say that the realization of a sparkling water is of a disconcerting ease.

In the wake, to make a homemade soda, add in your bottle of sparkling water a dose (a cap) concentrates proposed by SodaStream or classic syrup, for example, Teisseire. Stir the beverage thus obtained to homogenize the distribution of the syrup without exciting the CO2 bubbles and consume. As for the syrups proposed by the Israeli multinational, know that they are lightened: their concentrates do not have sugar, calorie, aspartame, aroma or artificial coloring. In addition, the range of tastes available is quite crazy, classics (cola, lemonade, orange) to more modern flavors like the mojito or regional like cider.

Strong Points

The Jet Plus focuses on its practicality and simplicity and gains in ease of use with its 2 bottles supplied.

Like many of his peers, this discreet soda machine with a small footprint is usable without electricity or battery. Its basic design and two-color will delight lovers of sobriety, without asking you a lot of cleaning: a damp cloth and water will suffice to clean the whole.

This model offers, in the standard package, two PET bottles without BPA: a first one liter and the second one half liter. Each of the bottles supplied with the Jet Plus keeps no smell or taste after your sodas. So you can alternate sparkling water and homemade soda in the same bottle (previously washed) without changing the taste.

For the cylinder of food carbon dioxide, these cylinders are refillable in all authorized outlets, to reduce the bill while preserving a little more the planet. Moreover, the depressurization is performed when you take the bottle out of the device, a fairly traditional technique at SodaStream. Finally, in case of overpressure, a characteristic buzz will be heard.

Weak Points

One could regret at first the design a little sober and aging of the Jet Plus. Personally, I think it’s really too plastic, but that’s just my opinion.

On the other hand, some users have trouble getting acquainted with the introduction of the bottle in the machine, a hand is to be taken but it is not insurmountable, it is just to be done handling the bottle.

Finally, the big complaint will be for PET bottles, which are not compatible with the dishwasher …

Detailed Features- Soda Stream Jet Plus

This entry-level water gasifier offers relatively good dimensions: 44.4 cm high, 22.8 cm long and 15.2 wide with a weight of 1.3 kilos.

Your soda machine will be delivered with a 1L BPA-free PEL bottle, a gas cylinder and a Jet Plus machine manual.

The product benefits from more than a 2-year warranty.

Mark SodaStream
Dimensions 44.4 x 22.8 x 15.2 cm
Weight 1.3 Kg
Contents PET Bottle Machine 1L
CO2 Food Cylinder
User Manual
Guarantee 2 years
Material Plastic


The Jet Plus offered by the multinational SodaStream is a good choice for those who want a soda machine performance without fuss. We will appreciate its practical and fast use as well as its versatile design.

If you are looking for a gasifier that does the work without complaining, the Jet Plus SodaStream just waiting for you to bubble.

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